Industry 4.0 competence for your Smart Factory

IoT Operating System - this is what IoTOS, a company founded by renowned industry 4.0 experts, stands for. IoTOS also has an extensive network of partners, participates in research projects and is involved in major Industry 4.0 initiatives and consortia.

IoTOS supports industrial companies with the realization of Industry 4.0 requirements.

The IIoT solutions and services support companies in the end-to-end digitization of their entire supply chain: from the product idea to development and production over the entire supply chain to delivery to the end customer and connectivity in the field. For this purpose, IoTOS provides digital services on the leading IoT platforms. These enable, for example, manufacturer-independent connectivity of devices and machines, real-time analytics and traceability across the entire supply chain.

Whether retrofitting existing infrastructure, implementing highly complex IIoT models and entire ecosystems or value-added services that result in new revenue and business models - we focus on competitiveness and value creation for our clients. The objective is to enable the factories to meet the challenges of the future, to increase their productivity, to minimize maintenance costs and at the same time to implement new business models.

Allow us to help you master the technological and economic challenges of the industrial future!