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German Edge Cloud, Bosch Connected Industry and IoTOS build industrial ecosystem with All in One solution

Creating digital added value from existing production data, meeting the requirements of digital industry platforms and retaining data sovereignty

Eschborn, 10 October 2019 – Joining forces with Bosch Connected Industry, IoTOS and Rittal, Friedhelm Loh Group company German Edge Cloud presents the industrial edge cloud appliance ONCITE. This all-in-one solution allows manufacturing companies to extract tangible added value from their production data. Demand is already there – automotive manufacturers such as Volkswagen and BMW have launched digital platforms such as the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud and the Open Manufacturing Platform, which enable manufacturers to track data across their entire supply chain. The ONCITE solution meets the growing need for real-time data availability with a scalable edge cloud data centre from German Edge Cloud and Rittal. ONCITE, as the name suggests, is located directly in the factory – where the data is generated. Industrial applications from Bosch Connected Industry, German Edge Cloud and IoTOS allow new technologies such as industrial analytics and AI to improve quality and optimise cost and performance in production. The result is a holistic ecosystem for the manufacturing industry – in collaboration with big industrial and research partners.

ONCITE offers the manufacturing and automotive supplier industry a highly available all-in-one turnkey solution that meets the latest automotive manufacturer requirements and provides a product that facilitates their own digitalisation activities.

“Automotive suppliers are currently facing a major challenge, with VW and BMW recently launching a digitalisation offensive with the establishment of their own digital production platforms,” explains Dr Sebastian Ritz, Managing Director of German Edge Cloud. “With a total of up to 100,000 factories, the suppliers are expected to adapt to these as well as to new platforms of other automotive manufacturers and top tier suppliers. At the same time, they want to retain control over their production data and not risk their supplier status. Therefore, they need an affordable plug-and-produce solution.”

In the automotive supply chain, ONCITE will enable secure cross-supply chain data exchange with the upcoming digital production platforms of manufacturers and top tier suppliers. With its industrial applications from Bosch Connected Industry, German Edge Cloud and IoTOS, the solution also forms the basis for implementing Industry 4.0 applications aimed at digitalising factories even further.

Data remains on site – short latency times for AI applications

As a real-time solution, ONCITE builds on a highly available and scalable edge cloud data centre. The ONCITE data centre from German Edge Cloud and Rittal is located in the factory, allowing data to be recorded, stored, processed and evaluated quickly and locally.

“Because all data collected remains on site, the user retains full control and decides whether and how to transfer the processed data to the various digital production platforms of the OEMs and top tier suppliers. IoT platforms such as SupplyOn or MindSphere from Siemens can be used to store data and share production-relevant information with customers and suppliers, while maintaining data sovereignty,” explains Dr Ritz.

The scalable edge cloud system can capture big data from machines and synchronise it factory-wide in order to achieve AI-based production optimisations, including increased quality and performance as well as optimised costs. The edge technology, which processes the data directly at its point of origin, enables the minimal latency times required for the implementation of many Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications.

Quick to implement, scalable and open

The industrial applications by Bosch Connected Industry, German Edge Cloud, IoTOS and Rittal are tailor-made for meeting defined, but also process-specific requirements. “With ONCITE, operators benefit from an almost instant solution and significantly lower costs both for integration into the existing factory IT environment and subsequent operation,” says Dr Sebastian Ritz. “If requirements evolve, further services and processing power can be quickly integrated or added. The solution includes scalable edge cloud IT infrastructure, an open IIoT platform, off-edge cloud usage and full service support.”

Processing chains from the edge to digital production platforms can be set up at any time via multi-cloud or cross-cloud management implemented by German Edge Cloud using hyperscale public cloud infrastructures.

ONCITE offers customers a full managed service, including hardware infrastructure, which guarantees the required high availability and scalability for industrial software applications at affordable operating costs for medium-sized businesses.


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