From platform to value creation

Integrate. Analyze. Optimize.

IoTOS (IoT Operating System) offers digital services on the IoT platform required by the end customer for Industry 4.0 supply chains. These applications serve to integrate, analyze and optimize processes and products across the entire supply chain. They are used for the manufacturer-independent connectivity of devices and machines and enable:

  • Real-time analytics, visualization
  • Device-Connectivity
  • Management, workflow automation
    and much more

The following digital services are offered on various IoT platforms:


IoTOS Data Connector

The Data-Connector offers a wide range of protocols and interfaces for fast integration of machines and systems. For the integration of older machines, retrofit kits with established interfaces are available through the IoTOS partner network.


IoTOS Analyzer

The analyzer finds anomalies in real time. It automatically monitors and learns the normal status pattern of the connected systems. It monitors conditions, key figures and processes for anomalies. If it detects an anomaly, it sends real-time alerts to users/connected systems.


IoTOS Predictive Engine

Based on the calculations of the IoTOS Analyzer, this engine forecasts future results for key figures such as "Time to Failure", "Error per Hour", etc. The results are displayed in customizable dashboards or can be used in other systems via interfaces.



Real-time tracking and tracing, as well as root cause analysis of the products in the field, form the basis for continuous analysis in order to detect and display control deviations. Expandable algorithms for the identification of root causes can prevent error-prone products from being launched on the market ahead of time. The IoTOS Field Service enables a control loop to detect field failures at an earlier stage. You can leverage these findings directly for your company via the IoTOS platform - with the positive effect of thereby significantly minimizing provisions for product recalls.


IoTOS Predictive Maintenance

A powerful solution that uses machine learning and big data analytics to examine and visualize machine data to derive predictions for future errors. IoTOS predictive maintenance identifies weak points and makes maintenance processes transparent, more usable and thus more cost-effective.

In short: IoTOS enables companies to find and exploit the true value of their data. The principle: to learn from historical data and to thereby be able to make decisions for the future that optimize the entire value chain of products.