A tailor-made traceability with

IoTOS Suite

Industrial Track & Trace

In order to meet the future demands of the customers within the supply chain up to the manufacturer and the requirements regarding quality, process control and traceability, suppliers need an industrial Track & Trace solution.

IoTOS enables a central Docker-/Container-based Track & Trace based on a highly available and flexibly scalable Edge Cloud data center, without complex MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

Thus the industrialization and digitalization of all value-added processes in mechanical production, whose value stream extends from ERP via Track & Trace to plant control or the manufacturing process, is given.

The standardized, platform-independent Track & Trace system in the IoTOS Suite is responsible for controlling and documenting production. It also ensures traceability, including process interlock in the event of error messages. The IoTOS solution enables complete documentation and traceability as well as transparency of the production process right down to the internal and external supply chain. The significant advantages of the IoTOS Suite are obvious. In addition to the precise traceability, it impresses with a highly flexible and scalable integration platform. With the future-oriented approach, the solution can be made available exactly where it is needed via the edge cloud architecture, depending on resource requirements.

Reduction of documentation effort, error avoidance, fulfillment of OEM compliance requirements, control of variant diversity and a uniform key performance indicator system for production are the main results.

Integration Services

Two components of the IoTOS Suite (IoTOS Integration and Industrial Track & Trace Service) enable the customer to transfer data from internal IT systems such as PLM, ERP, MES, PCS and Scada via connectors into a structured Industrial Track & Trace data model and make it available for cross-supply chain traceability. The IoTOS Integration Service includes approximately 200 connectors, gateways and protocols (a variety of relevant industry standards) and additionally offers modern communication services.

On the basis of the structured Track & Trace data, evaluations can be carried out on site at the customer in a Trusted Execution Environment in order to make the data usable for own and OEM-side systems. The results can also be transferred to third parties (e.g. OEMs/product manufacturers) via auditable, secure transmission paths such as IDS, thus fulfilling a very important requirement for suppliers to the automotive industry.