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Platform independent

ONCITE – All-in-One-Edge for Automotive Suppliers & Co

Together with the German Edge Cloud and Bosch Connected Industry, IoTOS has developed the Industrial Edge data center ONCITE. This enables factories to use their existing IT infrastructures to create value with their production data and at the same time meet the future requirements of digital industrial platforms with full data sovereignty. This solution is regarded as a trend-setter for the industry.

In the automotive supply chain, this solution enables secure cross-supply chain data exchange with digital production platforms such as Volkswagen "Industrial Cloud" or BMW "Open Manufacturing Platform" etc..


All-in-one solution with full managed service for factory digitization

ONCITE is the in-house Edge data center for digitizing the factory and adapting it to the digital production platforms of OEMs and top tier suppliers. This all-in-one solution, combined with your existing IT infrastructures, enables you to increase value creation in your factories based on existing production data, while meeting the future needs of your customers' digital production platforms with full data sovereignty.

The Plug&Produce solution ONCITE, designed for you as a factory operator, is based on a highly available and scalable Edge Cloud data center. You receive the solution including scalable Edge Cloud IT infrastructure (IaaS), comprehensive IIoT services (PaaS) and industrial software applications (SaaS) as a 24/7 Managed IT Service.

These modular application solutions on the basis of microservice architectures using state-of-the-art container-as-a-service technologies such as Kubernetes can be used precisely for defined, mostly process-specific requirements. This provides you with a solution very quickly and significantly lower costs for ongoing operations and personnel expenses for integration into existing factory IT landscapes. ONCITE can therefore be used independently of complex and functionally overloaded systems such as ERP and MES for today's very dynamic digitization requirements in the factory. As the requirements grow, additional services and computer performance can be quickly integrated or added.


The data remains on site
short latency times for AI applications & Co.

Two further central advantages that result from the use of the ONCITE: Data sovereignty and the ideal basis for industry 4.0 applications such as industrial analytics with KI.  

The ONCITE data center is located in the factory. The data can therefore be recorded, stored, processed and evaluated in a timely and local manner. As a scalable Edge data center, ONCITE is able to capture machine data in real time and harmonize it across machines, so that AI-based real-time production optimizations can be used to increase the quantitative and qualitative output of production plants in the two-digit range. The edge technology (the data is processed at the edge of the network) also enables minimal latency, which is essential for the implementation of many industry 4.0 applications.

By keeping all collected data on site, the user retains full control and decides whether to transfer the processed data to the various digital production platforms of OEMs and top tier suppliers. Data storage and the exchange of production-relevant information with customers and suppliers can take place via platforms such as SupplyOn or MindSphere while maintaining data sovereignty.


The Industrial Edge Cloud Appliance ONCITE is based on:

  • a highly available and flexibly scalable Edge Cloud data center from Rittal, which was designed for the shop floor.
  • a real-time Edge Cloud Stack based on Docker & Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) with pre-installed Docker-based applications
  • Bosch Connected Industry with its Nexeed Production Performance Manager
  • the IoTOS Suite from IoTOS for industrial applications such as Industrial Track&Trace and Integration Service
  • the necessary Container as a Service Platform from German Edge Cloud
  • an Industrial Analytics stack as well as an International Data Space Connector for adaptation to OEM and top tier supplier platforms