From Producer to Joint Development Manufacturing Partner

Smart Digital Services are a decisive competitive factor for industrial companies. In many industries, such as in automotive and medical technology, factories are increasingly evolving from being producers into becoming joint development manufacturing partners. In other words, they now provide their customers with support starting from the initial product idea through to production, delivery and operation, as well as the associated field service. All the while meeting the highest traceability requirements and mapping the individual processes.

IoTOS offers customized IIoT solutions to deliver added value to your business in a highly complex IIoT ecosystems, thus ensuring additional value creation.

This added value includes, among other things:

  • Acquisition of the correct data
  • Data analysis, visualization and derivation of algorithms for automatic error detection
  • Use of highly standardized IoT platform services
  • Development of specific extensions
  • Support in establishing new business models


Platform for Product Protection –
from root cause analysis to plagiarism protection


This application was implemented in the electronics factory of Limtronik GmbH for electronic products manufactured by Limtronik. Limtronik provides the Product Protection platform with the process, product and quality data that are generated during the production of electronic components. The platform enables both downstream real-time tracking and tracing and root cause analysis for the products in the field. This forms the basis for a continuous anomaly analysis.
If an intelligent electronic component manufactured by Limtronik is authenticated against the product protection platform, the system checks whether it is an approved product (an original, that the unique product was not blocked by the manufacturer/operator,...). This unique identification of the product simultaneously guarantees protection against plagiarism. As a result, the electronics supplier Limtronik thus creates considerable added value for its customers.

Furthermore, an automatic root cause analysis can be carried out via the platform. If deviations during product operation are reported to the platform, the actual causes (correlation analyses, etc.) are identified using various analytics and AI methods. The analysis results can be used to prevent further error-prone products from being introduced into the market. This control loop enables failures to be detected at an early stage. Remediation measures can be activated directly via the platform - resulting in a significant reduction of provisions for product recalls.

The product protection platform, which in this case is run on AWS (Amazon Web Service), also forms the foundation for manufacturers or suppliers to implement digital services that add value. The platform technologies provide all the scalability that such usage requires.


Process cost reduction through the integration/support of interfaces and protocols from different manufacturers in a vendor-neutral portal

  • Plagiarism Protection
  • Early serial fault detection through automatic root cause analysis
  • Reduction of provisions for product recalls
  • Operation of the solution on different IoT platforms possible