Your journey to becoming a Smart Factory

Now more than ever, industrial companies have to operate as state-of-the-art technological, organizational and strategic enterprises in order to remain competitive or even to stay that vital step ahead of their competitors. Digitization is rewriting factory rules and changing a wide range of industries.

Connections to suppliers, partners and end customers are increasingly being digitized and fully networked. In future, a product will not only be a product, but will also be equipped with after-sales service and value-added services. This creates new business models and offers significant opportunities - provided the right course is set from the onset.

ustomers and partners of manufacturing companies expect efficient and safe process chains with high project profitability.

Current requirements for factories are for example:

  • Process cost and inventory optimization through multi-tier and multi-level material tracking (traceability)
  • Quality optimization through the provision of complete information on the serialized product
  • Compliance with specific standards and guidelines
  • Production optimization through cross-supply chain MRP (Material Requirement Planning)
  • Data-Blending: Zusammenführung interner und externer Daten
  • Creating trust through independence, data sovereignty and maximum data security

The fulfilment of standards is of particular importance within certain industries while at the same time having an impact on traceability requirements - such as the IATF 16949 for leading automobile manufacturers:

According to the new version of this standard, manufacturers and suppliers must support the localization of faulty and/or suspect products that have already been delivered to the customer or are already in the field. This necessitates serial identification (e.g. labelling) of the individual products and documentation of all product, process and quality information. This demand results in an increasing need for cross-supply chain track & trace applications that use modern analytics platforms to ensure automatic root cause analysis.

Leverage our traceability expertise to quickly meet the increasing demands of your customers with zero disruption.


Many central challenges > One central solution

On their way to the smart factory, factory operators perceive many different solutions. Numerous suppliers of machines are working on their own business models. A multitude of protocols and interfaces are created to integrate applications, machines and systems. The operators of factories are faced with the challenge of operating different portals with different interfaces. Often a bad and sluggish integration of machines, existing applications or applications takes place. There is no overarching availability of data along the supply chain.

Ergo: Companies need central IIoT platforms that can be develeloped in tandem with IoTOS based on the services of leading IoT platforms to connect machines and systems, collect and evaluate data from all sources and meet the required criteria in terms of process optimization and security.