IIoT Services from IoTOS - what they contain

At its core, a Smart Factory depends on machines and systems being connected to each other in such a way, that they can communicate intelligently, coordinate their processes automatically and optimize them independently. The IIoT services of IoTOS are designed to support these goals.


The Technological Basis:

  • SaaS application based on IoT platform services
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Support of IoT gateways
  • Rest API Store
  • AI/Machine Learning enabled
  • Blockchain support
  • M2M interfaces
  • and much more

The IoTOS IIoT services enable networking, process optimization and traceability from product development through to production and into the field. They guarantee a maximum in security and are based on microservice architectures. Blockchain technology ensures maximum data integrity and allows changes in data, processes and relationships to be mapped in a tamper-proof manner.



In a blockchain, clients can use their public key to simply send a request to their selected supplier list.


Suppliers could then use their private key to respond to the call for tenders with their tariffs, commitments, etc.


Customers and suppliers use Blockchain to communicate, negotiate and make agreements - mainly quality, quantity, time and costs.


Clients can place orders with suppliers of their choice and notify them via Blockchain.


Suppliers undertake to observe the conditions set out in the contract and provide updates on the progress of production.