Use Case
Industrial Track & Trace

A primary application scenario of the IoTOS Suite is the Industrial Track&Trace Use Case.

In this case, data from different internal IT systems such as ERP, MES, PCS, Scada etc. flow together in the Track & Trace Service of the IoTOS Suite, where they are evaluated and compiled into the so-called "Device History Record" - DHR.

The DHR is transferred to the SupplyOn platform in near-real time via an IDS Connector and linked with the commercial data available there. The result is a consistent history - a comprehensive data record - of a customer order that can be evaluated in any way.

For example through: Query for the production status of an order, early display of bottlenecks, cross-supply chain display of inventories, quality data and much more. It is also possible to quickly identify parts in the event of a fault, as well as to check the plagiarism of intelligent devices.